DIY Water Removal Equipment Makes A Difference

DIY Water Removal Equipment Makes A Difference

August 20, 2019

DIY Water Removal Equipment Rentals, water removal equipment for rent, water restoration equipmentHaving the right equipment for the job at hand not only makes doing the job easier but also yields better results. To accomplish a task efficiently and effectively, you need the proper tools. When your home suffers from water damage, towels and fans alone are not going to get the problem resolved correctly. To achieve successful water damage restoration, you need the right equipment.

To ensure water damage is cleaned up quickly, and to avoid any further damage, the water must first be removed. Shop vacuums, while intended to work for liquids, are not built to handle large amounts of water. However, professional extraction equipment can pump out large amounts of water from your home quickly and effectively – leaving no water behind. Once the water has been removed, drying needs to begin as quickly as possible. The longer moisture is present, the more damage will ensue. Mold growth is a huge risk following water damage, and as long as moisture is available, mold will be able to grow. House fans do not have the power or capacity to dry water in a timely manner. With the use of commercial-grade air movers, water and moisture are dried at a rate that cannot be achieved otherwise.

The drying process does not stop with the use of fans, which many people do not realize. Porous materials like wood, drywall, insulation, and ceiling tiles absorb water when they come into contact with it. Moisture can get trapped in these materials where we cannot see. Hidden moisture not only facilitates mold growth but also causes structural damage over time. If not dried completely, materials will begin to swell, warp, bend, crack, break and deteriorate. Dehumidifiers are used to pull excess water out of the air, and from places that we cannot see. Thermal imaging technology is also available to detect moisture wherever it may be hiding. These tools ensure that all hidden moisture is identified and addressed without having to take invasive measures.

While this equipment is very common for water restoration companies, it is not as available to the general public. When your home suffers from water damage, do not be caught trying to clean it up without the right equipment. Not only will it take a lot longer to remediate, but it will also greatly increase the risk of further damage occurring. The water damage restoration experts at Well Equipped Rentals have all the right equipment to get your water damage disaster cleaned up the right way, and we have made that same equipment available to you. The same water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers that we use to get the best results for water removal are ready for you. We want to give you the best results possible, and understand that with the right equipment that can be achieved. We know how difficult it is to come by adequate equipment, and that is why we offer high-quality equipment rentals to meet all of your water removal needs.

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