Renting A Generator For Thorough Water Damage Cleanup

Renting A Generator For Thorough Water Damage Cleanup

December 21, 2019

restoration drying equipment boston, water damage rental equipment boston, generator rentals bostonWater disasters come in all shapes and sizes: the devastation of a hurricane, the mess from a backed-up sump pump, the potential of mold for a tiny leak inside a bathroom wall. No matter what the cause, homeowners, business owners, and water restoration teams have the same goal–get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Professionals in the restoration industry know that a rapid response is imperative. The longer the damage goes untreated, the more difficult remediation becomes, and the more dangerous the situation is for building occupants. Water-logged structures can become more unstable, mold can develop, and gray water can advance to black water.

The biggest problem is– at the moment you need to get to work to save your home or business, you don’t have the electricity to run the drying equipment. And at this critical moment, you hardly have the money, or the time, to properly research and buy a new generator. In Boston, you have a secret weapon – Well Equipped Rentals! Our restoration drying equipment rental company has top of the line equipment and we are just a phone call away. 


Power generators provide safe, reliable backup power and can keep your home or business running. Not only will a generator power the fans, blowers, and vacuums, but it can also run the elements of your home or business: refrigerator, lights, microwave, air conditioners, TVs, computers, and cell- phone chargers. And in the aftermath of a storm, it will allow you (or a professional team) to power circular saws and other restoration equipment. It can make a huge improvement in your ability to comfortably weather a power outage, and quickly recover from a storm. 

Portable generator units run off a small gasoline engine and can power a limited number of lights and appliances via extension cords. They can be stored out of the way and rolled to wherever you need and are frequently used to provide emergency power during and after a storm. A portable generator for this use can typically run for 8 to 12 hours on a tank of gas and provide 2 to 8 kilowatts or more. 

These units must be filled with gasoline every few hours. As many gas stations will not be able to pump gas during the outage, gasoline needs to be stored to last through the outage (approximately 70 gallons of gasoline would be needed for a five-day outage.) In addition, the oil must be frequently changed, especially if running continuously. 

Portable generators operated by the homeowner during the stress of an unexpected outage which can lead to the necessary safety precautions being overlooked. Well Equipped Rentals is an excellent resource to bridge the gap until power is restored. 

Generator Safety

Whichever kind of generator you select, think safety. Generators produce carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and deadly gas. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, 28 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning associated with portable generators after Hurricane Katrina. Be safe:

  • Only use outdoors, never in homes, garages, basements or other enclosed areas.
  • If you use a generator, even outdoors, install battery-operated carbon monoxide alarms in your home and test them based on the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Keep the generator dry, plus dry your hands before touching the generator.
  • With portable generators, use heavy-duty, outdoor-rated, 3-prong extension cords that are in good condition. Use GFCI-cords for maximum safety.
  • Keep fuel outside in properly labeled, approved containers stored a distance from any fuel-burning appliances.
  • When using the generator, start your high-wattage devices first, one at a time, then proceed to lower-wattage devices.

Your safety is always paramount when you rent from Well Equipment Rentals. The technicians will be able to help you identify dangers and stay safe.

When You Need Restoration Drying Equipment In Boston

Well Equipment Rentals has powerful equipment and experienced team members that can help you right now. They will come into your home or facility to act as an extension of you – with no confusing logos or branding. So you can have the top-tier equipment that you need plus the services of an experienced company to make sure it is performing at maximum proficiency. Call 860.852.4672 now to organize immediate service in CT, MA, or RI.

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