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We're passionate about restoration

As an extension of your team, we can help you be on top of every job, every time.

We don’t just rent equipment. We create relationships that allow your company to grow and prosper. By working with Well-Equipped Rentals, you are making more time for your customers instead of scrambling to get equipment you don’t have. Our goal is to make sure you have what you need on your restoration and cleanup jobs, and with our fast response and delivery you’ll never be unprepared.

How We Are Different

While most companies take the hands off approach to equipment rental, just having you pick up the equipment and leaving you to figure it all out, we understand that sometimes you may need help. Well Equipped Rentals offer the services of an experienced technician to monitor your equipment and make sure it is performing at maximum proficiency.

Trained Well Equipped technicians will make sure that your equipment remains functioning properly to ensure that there is no interruption in operation. They will also make sure that any industrial equipment that operates on fuel will remain optimally fueled and ready to get the job done.

How Does It Work?

  • We come unbranded, which allows us to act as an extension of your company- (no big logos or signage)
  • Well maintained, top-tier equipment
  • We can expedite delivery of your equipment by becoming an extension of your team
  • We can facilitate drying plans, while you can interact with your customer
  • We provide immediate service, providing the equipment is available
  • 3 day minimum rental with deposit required

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